Car Graphics & Wraps

Men In Kilts Vehicle Wrap

Men In Kilts Vehicle Wrap

Car Wraps

Go the extra mile in communicating to potential clients with vehicle wraps. A dynamic medium, vehicle wrapping is a creative way to get peoples’ attentions. It has the ability to reach markets in a variety of areas; additionally, it may also be used as a highly targeted medium. Park it in specific neighbourhoods to reach a certain demographic–this maximizes the exposure of your wrap. It is an extremely cost-effective investment, with a low cost per impression. If you’re not ready for a full wrap, you can opt for graphics which, when done correctly, can make a huge splash and attract a lot of attention.



Car Graphics

We’re frequently asked what car graphics are. It’s a pretty broad term, and generally includes vinyl applications that do not provide full vehicle coverage. That being said, graphics are versatile, and we encourage our clients to use their imaginations as freely as possible. Apply your company’s tagline and contact details in cut-out text on a window, or create a montage of images and text for your vehicle’s body. Anything goes, and our experienced marketing consultants are always at the ready to give design advice and recommendations.